Improve Coordination Through Tae Kwon Do

Tae Kwon Do isn’t just about kicking, punching, and blocking.  The warm up exercises and techniques learned in class may improve your child’s coordination.  For example, one of the exercises that Master Ray employs is to have a student touch his/her foot with his/her opposite hand.  Sounds simple but may be difficult when a student is just learning the difference between his left or right hand.

An excercise like this may be difficult or confusing in the beginning but after a couple of weeks, she will master the movement.  Then Master Ray will ask him to rotate between the front and the back.  Again it is difficult in the beginning but after a couple of weeks, the student will generally master it.

An exercise like this is not done every week but other similar exercises are employed in each class.  Through these exercises, you will likely notice a difference in your child’s overall coordination.