Lose Weight Through Tae Kwon Do

The formula is simple, eat less calories than you burn on a given day.  Put it another way, burn more calories than you eat.  While the formula may be simple, putting it into practice may be a daily struggle that often seems insurmountable.

Tae Kwon Do may help you lose weight.  One of our students lost 45 pounds in 9 months.  In addition to Tae Kwon Do, he regularly jogged and swam but he was focused on losing weight and Tae Kwon Do was one of his tools to achieve his goal.  Another student lost 20 pounds since joining our school.

Results will vary depending on your diet and other activities.  Our classes provide a structure where you can get regular exercise and learn self defense at the same time.  Keeping it fun, interesting, and learning while exercising may help you to regularly exercise and achieve your goals.